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Coffee of the Month – Panama Finca Hortigal

Coffee of the Month – Panama Finca Hortigal

Your Coffee of the Month this December is Hortigal from a single estate in the region of Boquete in Panama. This is a unique speciality coffee with attributes such as brown sugar, citrus, milk chocolate and graham cracker. The farm this coffee is produced on is family owned and operated only by women. Let’s hear it for the girls!

As a Christmas treat, every customer who purchases 250g of Panama Finca Hortigal is automatically entered into a prize draw to win a free three month subscription of 250g of a coffee of your choice.

We have a limited stock available for this coffee, so act fast to make sure you don’t miss out.

About the Coffee

Panama Finca Hortigal is sourced from the highlands of Boquete, located in the south-west mountains of Panama with views of the Volcan Baru and Hortigal Mountain. The area is world famous for producing some of the best coffee that money can buy due to the nutrient rich volcanic soil and unique micro climates. It’s clear why we are extremely excited about this coffee here at Redber.

An additional bonus is that this farm, or finca, supports the local ecosystem, with native trees providing shade for the coffee plants to thrive, allowing them to grow up to 12 feet tall. The plants are clad with blueish green leaves and abundant in coffee cherries. The farm is also home to a diverse population of wildlife including several species of indigenous birds.

Finca Hortigal is home to 34.5 hectares and following each harvest the cherries are sent to a local mill to be processed. At the mill the cherries are washed and sun-dried to allow the flavours to develop. Following the drying process, the coffee is stored in a warehouse and regularly cupped until the perfect characteristics are apparent and the coffee is ready to be shipped.

“The farm is a legacy we hold dear and aspire to build upon each day.”



Flavours: Brown sugar, citrus, milk chocolate, graham cracker

Aroma: Sweet

Body: Full and creamy

Acidity: Dry white wine

Roast Profiles

Medium-Dark: This profile heightens the sweetness of the coffee and accentuates the flavours of milk chocolate and graham cracker, finishing with a pleasant acidity. Enjoy this as a cafetiere or in a mocha pot for best results.

Dark: The dark roast develops the flavours of brown sugar and darkens the chocolate flavour for a deep, smooth, indulgent cup finishing with a creamy mouthfeel. Enjoy this as any type of espresso based drink for best results. Particularly good with oat milk to complement the dark smooth complexity.

As our roast profiles suggest, this coffee can be enjoyed at any time of day. Start your morning with an espresso or macchiato paired with a breakfast of your choice. Fancy a treat? Indulge in a medium-dark cafetiere in the afternoon with a choice of sweet treats. We suggest something with savoury notes to compliment the sweetness of the coffee rather than battle with it. How about a slice of banana bread?

Quick-Fire Facts

Origin: Finca Hortigal, Boquete Highlands, Panama

Farm: Finca Hortical

Altitude: 1,400m – 1,600m

Variety: Typica Arabica

Harvest Period: January – April

Processed Method: Washed, Sun-dried, Matured

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