Melitta Gourmet Intense Coffee Paper Filters 1 x 4 (80pcs)

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Melitta, Melitta Gourmet Intense Coffee Paper Filters 1 x 4 (80pcs), Redber Coffee

Melitta Gourmet Intense Coffee Paper Filters 1 x 4 (80pcs)

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Immerse yourself in the passionate world of powerful coffee enjoyment full of a variety of aromas with the Melitta Gourmet coffee filters. The 1x4 is ideal for 8-to-10-cup devices that constitute the main segment of Melitta filter coffee machines. Others sizes in the Melitta 1x range include the 1x2, 1x6 and 1x10.

Until the 1960’s when coffee was still largely brewed manually, the 100 series of filter papers was common. The sizes 100, 101 and 102 remain a part of the Melitta® range. When doing manual filtration with filter papers of these sizes, one could only estimate how much coffee was in the pot. Size 102, for example, corresponds to the size 1x4®, so is suitable for making four to six cups of coffee.

Aroma Zones

The most recent development featured in Melitta filter papers are the addition of three Aroma Zones to the popular aroma pores. Each aroma zone has a different number of aroma pores, resulting in the coffee passing through each Aroma Zone at a different speed during the filter brewing process. The aroma thus unfolds, is refined, and is then finally rounded off to a perfect finish.

The lower zone (1) has fewer aroma pores, allowing the water to seep through more slowly so that it has longer contact with the ground coffee to develop its aroma to the fullest.

In the middle zone (2), there are more aroma pores, allowing an even brewing process to refine the aroma.

In the upper zone (3), the aroma of the coffee is given its finishing touch. The filter paper here has many more aroma pores and lets the coffee pass through quickly, making sure that undesirable bitter acids don’t have a chance to unfold. 

Melitta Gourmet filter papers

In addition to the well-known and popular Melitta original filter papers, Melitta Gourmet filters have been introduced. They have been proven to support the development of sophisticated coffee aromas and contribute to a better cup of coffee. The special feature of the entire range of Gourmet filter papers is the Aromapor®PLUS, an innovation that allows fine coffee oils to pass into your finished brew. It is precisely these coffee oils that carry the more than 800 distinct aromas found in each coffee bean. 

The slit-shaped Aromapor®PLUS are larger than the classic aroma pores seen in the Melitta® Original filter papers. The S-shape favours the passage of twice as many coffee oils into the finished brew, letting the aromas better unfold.

There are three versions of Melitta Gourmet filter papers:
  • Melitta Gourmet
  • Melitta Gourmet Mild
  • Melitta Gourmet Intense


Melitta Gourmet

As described above, the Melitta Gourmet filter papers have three aroma zones and Aromapor PLUS pores. 


Melitta Gourmet Mild

Melitta Gourmet Mild not only has the Aromapor®PLUS but also the special fine Aromasoft® paper. Due to the slightly permeable structure of this paper, the water can run through the coffee filter quickly producing a mild cup of coffee with most of the undesirable bitterness removed. But don’t worry: the Aromapor®PLUS makes sure that enough of the right coffee oils pass through to create an aromatic, but mild cup for your enjoyment.


Melitta Gourmet Intense

In addition to offering the Aromapor®PLUS, these filters are made from Aromamax® paper, which has a tighter structure and thus slows down the filtration of the water through the coffee. This gives more time to extract more of the coffee oils, resulting in a fully aromatic, strong cup of coffee. On top, more coffee oils pass through the aroma pores. Melitta Gourmet Intense has a special perforation zone that prevents the coffee from overflowing in the machine.


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Yuri K.
Melitta filter

Good item, very attractive and make coffee very well !

Adrian L.
Good purchase

Excellent filter papers, which improve the flavour of your coffee.

John J.
Quality Filters

Excellent quick service at a very acceptable price

Anita E.
Happy from Torquay

Fab filter papers - bring out the best of your already brilliant coffee! Continued thanks to Redber for the best coffee and delivery service ever.

Mrs. R.
Good Quality

Nice coffee filters, definitely makes a difference when making the coffee compared to the standard papers,I found the coffee was to weak