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Brita Purity Aquaquell ST 1200 Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

by Brita

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Replacement cartridge for Brita Purity Aquaquell ST 1200

Although perfectly safe to drink, UK water contains impurities which can spoil taste, smell, appearance and overall quality of drinks. For a typical coffee machine temporary hardness, the cause of scale build up, can have a significant impact on running costs together with the inconvenience of increased maintenance and downtime.

The key to a long term solution is an efficient water filter system with timely filter exchange to keep the system at optimum efficiency.

The Brita Aquaquell Purity system provides this with four stage filtration and a display unit that gives all the information you need to keep the unit at peak efficiency. Unlike replacement pod systems, where the whole filter is replaced, with the Brita Aquaquell Purity system only the inner cartridge needs replacing.

Water pressure 2 bar minimum 6 bar maxim
Water temperature 4 - 38°C
WRAS listed