AFRICAN PACK Green Coffee Beans


A great selection of intense flavours from Africa. Roasted medium with vividly floral, fruity, and wine tones.

The African Coffee Pack represents a great selection of intense flavours from Africa. We roast them to medium level to give you the full benefit of theirdistinctive characteristics of vividly floral, fruity, and wine tones with rich acidity. These coffees will certainly please the discerning palate.

The African Coffee Pack currently includes the following coffees:
        • Kenya Bora
        • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
        • Natural Ethiopian Sidamo
        • Rwandan Inzovu
We have roasted them to suit their flavours which gives you the opportunity to taste the difference. You can then decide which of these coffees you prefer or just stay with the same variety. We feel these African coffees are at their best in a cafetiere or filter coffee: the intensity of espresso can produce sharper flavours. 
We designed our Packs in order for you to experience and compare four different flavours and find your favourite. Moreover, the Packs offer a better value than buying the bags individually. You can choose either 125g, 250g or 500g bags. 
Note: Coffee is a seasonal product, often sourced from small growers, the exact coffees in packs may vary slightly. Any changes will always reflect the character and theme of the pack.

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