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Manual Brewing

Manual Brewing

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Discover our premium range of manual coffee brewing equipment at Redber Coffee. From French presses to pour-over kits, our carefully selected tools ensure you achieve the perfect brew every time. Embrace the art of coffee making with precision and control, bringing out the rich flavours and aromas of your favourite beans. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

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  • Le Crueset

    Brew rich, flavorful coffee with the Le Creuset French Press. Durable stoneware design, easy to use and clean. Perfect for enhancing your morning routine or serving guests.

  • Aeropress

    Enjoy smooth, rich coffee with the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Compact, portable, and versatile for various coffee styles. Ideal for home, travel, or camping. Easy to use and clean. Get yours today for the perfect cup.

  • Alessi

    Stylish design and high-quality materials ensure robust, aromatic coffee. Perfect for those who appreciate tradition and modern aesthetics. Available now for a true espresso experience at home.


Find out how to use your Aeropress here!

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