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Coffee of the Month - Colombia Los Cambulos

Coffee of the Month - Colombia Los Cambulos

George Sims |

Your Coffee of the Month this November is Los Cambulos from Colombia! This is a speciality coffee with notes of dark chocolate, red berries and an underlying sweetness, similar to panela. It's a perfect coffee for autumn: warming, sweet, and indulgent.

About the Coffee

Los Cambulos is one of our direct trade Colombian coffees. The farm is located high within the central Andes and with only 3.8 hectares, the green beans produced are considered a micro-lot. They are grown at an altitude of 1,920 metres above sea level which allows the beans to develop slower and intensify in flavour. The region is highly volcanic which makes it incredibly fertile. Not only does this result in a consistent amount and quality of coffee, it also means that the beans are grown in an environmental and sustainable way. The Los Cambulos farm is owned by Alberto Ramos Velasco who produces speciality coffee which is regularly cupped at a Specialty Coffee Association score of 85+. This is a very highly regarded coffee. 

All production on the farm is done by hand by one family, making it sustainable and traceable with a certain guarantee on quality. There are absolutely no chemicals used on the farm, meaning the beans are certified organic. We regularly interact with the farm to make sure their crops are successful and they are happy with our business. 


Flavours: Panela, Chocolate, Red Berries, Honey

Aroma: Floral, Sweet

Body: Smooth, Balanced

Acidity: Medium to Low depending on roast type

Roast Profiles

Medium-Dark: Hints of panela combined with low acidity leaves a smooth body and lingering sweet finish - try this as a cafetiere or aeropress.

Dark: A rich creamy body with subtle hints of red berry and a lingering dark chocolate background - perfect for any espresso based drink. Try it with almond milk for a creamy chocolate and nut latte.

Pair these roasts with something savoury to act as a counterpoint to the lingering sweetness from the coffee.

Quick-Fire Facts

Origin: Colombia

Farm: Los Cambulos

Altitude: 1,920 metres above the sea level

Variety: Colombia/Caturra

Harvest Period: June

Processed Method: Fermented for 36 hours then sun-dried

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