Amazing Uses For Coffee Filter Papers


Filter papers are used all over the world in many different brew methods. Whilst filter papers have a great rep for making the perfect cup of coffee, they also have many other uses too. So grab those filter papers and let's get savvy!  

  1. Disposable, Biodegradable Snack Bowls

Whether it’s sending the kids away with a handful of dehydrated fruit, kale chips maybe, or putting out crisps and nuts for a social gathering, old coffee filters make great disposable snack bowls and function as a napkin afterwards.

  1. Upcycled Pocket Notebook

For those who have a good wad of coffee filters sitting around, especially in a box, they can be stacked, bound and covered with the cardboard from the box to make a handy little pocket notebook for to-do lists.

  1. Laptop/Screen Cleaning & Dusting Rag

Coffee filters are lint-free, so they make great cloths for cleaning dirty and smudgy computer or phone screens, either simply dusting them or dabbing the filter in a bit of diluted vinegar for a more intense clean.

  1. Teabags for Loose-leaf Tea

Well, they were meant to keep coffee grounds out of one hot beverage, but with a bit of string, old coffee filters can be used to create tea bags for loose-leaf tea, keeping leaves out of another hot beverage. Afterwards, it can all be composted.

  1. Scented Sachets for Drawers and Cabinets

Sometimes drawers or cabinets develop a musty scent, or the laundry basket even might send off an unwanted smell, so just wrap up a bit of lavender, rose petals, rosemary or whatever aromatic plants are around to create a scented sachet to put in those areas.

  1. Moisture Absorber for Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, but they do require a little maintenance when it comes to keeping them seasoned and rust-free. Sticking a coffee filter inside that skillet will help absorb moisture and keep the iron dry.

     7. Splatter Guard for the Microwave

Hey, why not? Paper towel and cling film are the norm for covering a bowl or plate when microwaving food, but filters are shaped in such a way that they might be able to be used a few times before getting dirty and needing to be replaced.

  1. Classy Wine Moments

A great glass of vino can definitely finish a day off right and help us unwind, but sometimes there is a bit of sediment floating around in the bottle or popping the cork just does not go well. Coffee filters are great for removing this kind of stuff from the vino to allow the smooth drinking experience we all love.

  1. Creating a Bouquet Garni for Soups

A good cook or chef knows that flavouring a soup or stock is vital to an immense dish outcome, but we don’t always want said items in our finished meal. Toss those bay leaves, springs of rosemary, and thyme into a coffee filter and use it as bouquet garni. Genius!

  1. Lining Potted Plants

Plant pots need to have holes in the bottom in case the plant is over-watered; however, the result is often that particles of soil make it through the holes, unless, that is, a coffee filter or two goes into the bottom of the pot first. Line your pot and plant as normal on top for this brilliant drainage hack!

  1. Scratch-Free China Stacking

 Got fine China in the kitchen cupboards?  Well, odds are stacking it can be a bit tedious and a little worrisome regarding scratches and so on. Coffee filters work great as a buffer between dishes, protecting the tops from the bottoms.

  1. Nappy Liners and Potty Trainers

For those parents out there going environmentally friendly with nappies, using those reusable cloth nappies, kudos to you all. Here’s a thoughtful idea: Line the diapers with an old coffee filter, and it might be a bit easier to handle the, ahem, solids. 

  1. Odour Eaters for Your Trainers and Shoes

Shoes get stinky. It is just a fact of life, and we should not feel ashamed about it. However, we also don’t need to sit around smelling those awful odours in the house. Instead, fill an old coffee filter with some baking soda and put in sneakers or shoes to absorb odours, and simply throw away when finished.

  1. Sprouting

Sprouting is really great project for the garden lover and they make healthy additions to salads and sandwiches. The old coffee filter can be dampened, the seeds spread over half, and then the filter can be folded in half to keep them in place until they spout.

  1. Glove Box Emergency Kit

People will likely think those of us who do this are crazy, but that’s sort of half the point. Put old coffee filters in the glove box, and they work well for emergency clean-ups, sneezes, oil checks, and fogged-up windows. They are great for absorbing odours in the car, and of course giving your car the amazing scent of freshly roasted coffee!

  1. Perfectly Microwave Tortilla Wraps

Microwaving tortillas, most of us have learned by now, can be a pretty finicky operation. If they start getting too dry, forget it. Coffee filters can help. Moisten one and pop it over the wrap, and they’ll come out steamy and soft rather than stiff.

  1. Drying Coffee Glasses and Other Glassware

Much the same as with touchscreens, because coffee filters don’t cause lint problems, they work really well for drying wine glasses or other fancy glassware/crystal. Pop a coffee filter in your washed wine glass and let it soak up the moisture whilst it dries!


18. Face Masks 

During the current climate of Covid-18, we have also been using our filter papers to make masks! Double up, add some elastic, and you are good to go! 


Love this blog? Check out our Guide to Filter Papers to learn more about these fascinating coffee must haves!


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