We sometimes receive phone calls from customers who receive error messages with their bean to cup coffee machines. We thought we would put together a troubleshooting guide to help you, should you run into any error messages yourself.
What to do when System Error 14 appears on your Melitta coffee machine?

System Error 14 is mostly either a stuck bean in the hopper or in the bean hopper.

To fix this error, the first easiest step is to empty out the beans. You can use vacuum cleaner to suck out all the coffee beans out of the chute. Then give the chute a good wipe with a microfibre cloth to clean the oil residues from the coffee beans. This process should hopefully fix the issue.  

If the error persists, you need to lift the cylinder that sits between the two hoppers and give it a good clean. Removing the cylinder s does not affect the warranty. If you need help with this step, you can give us a ring and we can guide you through it.

To prevent beans being stuck in the chute, make sure particularly oily beans do not sit in the hopper for more than couple of days.

If you have done all the above and the system error persists, please call the technical service line at Melitta on 0800 028 8002.

Is the Milk Temperature high enough?

In terms of the temperature, what we would say is that if you generally ordered extra hot milky drinks, then the Melitta Barista range coffee machines probably would not quite get there. It produces perfectly hot coffees, at a temperature which is not quite immediately drinkable, but drinkable soon after. If you liked to sit with a coffee for 5 minutes before starting then it is not quite that machine. This is due to a combination of taste concerns and durability issues – it froths milk at the ideal temperature for taste. This is only true of milk- the hot coffee is the standard 93 degrees for brewing. 

Accordingly, some customers, though not most, will find the drink a bit too cool for their liking. From our perspective it’s an ideal temperature, but it does come down to where your individual preference lies.

Are Melitta Barista machines good coffee machines?

We have several coffee makers here at our roastery and at home and we can say that the Melitta machines really stand out. The drinks are quality and very consistent. It’s easy to use and the even easier to clean, which we find very important. Compared to other bean to cups, Melitta Barista is the easiest to clean after making milky drinks. It cleverly steams the milk pipe after making milky drink, so you don’t need to use chemicals to remove the milk residues as it happens with other machines.

The machine is also very customisable, you can adjust the size, strength, temperature, and ratio of milk to coffee. With the Barista TS you can also set which hopper to draw the beans from for which drink (e.g. left hopper has dark roasted beans in – the machine will use these beans for your espresso). 

What are the differences between the Melitta coffee machines?

It primarily comes down to the cleverness of the software/degree of customisability, and the number of bean hoppers.

The Barista Range all have two beans hoppers. With the TS bean selection is automatic. With the T there is a manual level on top of the machine. This directly selects which bean is getting drawn, and you would be deciding each time what beans to use. They also have the most customisability and control

The Varianza has only one bean hopper, but it does have an extra chute down which you can pour beans, for instance if you wanted decaf. It has slightly less customisability than the Baristas, but still a great deal of control and memorisation of drinks. Where it really stands out is in its size- it is a very compact neat machine, perfect if you have less space

The Passione OT is identical to the Varianza, except that it does not have the extra bean chute

The Solo and Solo and Perfect Milk produce fantastic drinks- the brewing and frothing process is essentially the same as with the higher end machines. They are less sophisticated, with no pre-programmed drinks, however you still have full control over strength, temperature and amount of milk.


What is the warranty on the Melitta bean to cup coffee machines?

The warranty on all the bean to cup machines is 2 years, or 15000 cups, whichever is sooner.

How to use the Milk System Clean?

Begin the cleaning cycle, then wait for it to prompt adding the cleaning liquid to the milk tank. We recommend using 50ml of Milk Cleaning liquid (Red topped Bottle, dissolved in 500ml of water. Then proceed with the cycle.

How to Descale the coffee machine?

Begin the cleaning cycle, then wait for it to prompt adding the cleaning liquid to the water tank. We recommend using 50ml of coffee machine descaler (Blue topped bottle, dissolved in 500ml (No More) of water. Then proceed with the cycle. It may take a while, so don’t worry if it appears to stop.

How to run the Coffee Clean function?

Begin the cleaning cycle, then wait for it to prompt inserting the cleaning tablet. Open the ground coffee chute (in front of the bean hopper) then add one Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablet. Then proceed with the cycle.