Coffee Subscription Club

Freshly roasted high quality coffee delivered to your door, hassle free. We have a range of flexible plans to choose from to receive your perfect coffees when you want.

Fast-track, skip, freeze, cancel or reschedule to suit your needs. Discover the joy of speciality 100% Arabica coffee!

Why Choose Redber's Coffee Subscription Club?

Our Coffee Subscription Club is a delivery service that is tailored just to you. Whether you’re looking to stick to favourites that you know and love, or explore our full range to find something new, it’s been created so you can receive the coffee you want, freshly roasted, with ease and convenience. Simply choose the plan best for you, your preferred grind type and frequency of deliveries. Then leave the rest to us!

All of our coffee is freshly roasted 6 days a week for guaranteed freshness. Check out the roast date on your coffee bag and you’ll see it’s roasted on the same day we posted it ‒ enjoy your speciality coffee at its best.

There is a plan for everyone!

Choose from a range of plans, featuring all of our single origin coffees, or just get the same one coffee each time. This also includes decaf coffee and blends.

Customise it to suit you!

Customise the specifics, such as what ground of coffee you would like and the frequency of your shipments.

You have full control!

Your subscription account allows full control of your plan(s). Fast-track, skip, or cancel anytime. Change plan, change the address...  All the control is in your hands.

So What Do You Get?

Depending on the plan you choose will depend on both the weight and quantity of the bags you receive. Just another perk to our Coffee Subscription Club. The coffees you receive will also depend on your plan. If you select a plan from our Surprise Me! Subscription collection, the coffees will be different each time and includes our range of over 30 single origin coffees.

Our Subscription Plans

We have a range of different plan types that cover all your coffee needs. For each plan, you can select your preferred grind of coffee.


This subscription allows you to select any of our available coffees, in your preferred grind and weight, including decaf and our range of coffee blends.

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With this plan we will limit the coffee selection to our lighter and medium roasted coffees, for those that like a slightly milder or brighter cup.

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With this plan we will limit the coffee selection to our dark and medium-dark coffees, for those that like a slightly heavier, richer or more intense cup.

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With this plan we will select a different coffee from our range of 6 different decaffeinated coffees, each with three roasting profiles.

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Surprise Me!

Discover our wide range of single origin coffees from all over the world with this subscription. Great for exploring new flavours.

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Surprise Me! Gift (Pre-Paid)

Same as the Surprise Me! subscription, this plan is great for sending to a loved one. You can also add a personalised message to be sent in the first shipment.

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