Wrapmaster - Dispenser - 4500

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Wrapmaster - Dispenser - 4500 I Redber Coffee

Wrapmaster - Dispenser - 4500

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The Wrapmaster - Dispenser - 4500 is designed to work with 45cm-wide Wrapmaster rolls, making it the perfect choice for smaller kitchens. With its concealed blade, this dispenser provides safe and easy use for caterers when cutting rolls, effectively minimizing the risk of injury. Its firm grip ensures easy access to the next roll when needed. This dispenser also features technology that makes refilling and cleaning a hassle-free process, setting a higher standard for hygiene.


A Wrapmaster Dispenser 3000 is also available for purchase.

  • The Craft Guild of Chefs have approved this product for use for chefs
  • Is a portable product
  • Can be used safely in dishwashers
  • Is designed to work with our Wrapmaster Clingfilms 
  • Quantity: Individual