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iX Filter 01/02 Refill Insert

by iX
Original price £42.00 - Original price £44.99
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£42.00 - £44.99
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The iX FILTER is the first truly eco-friendly ion exchange cartridge filter, offering an internal refill to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters already in the marketplace. Great for Hot Beverages

Improve the quality and taste of your hot beverages while being more ECO friendly.

The iX 01, 02 and 03 filter saves you money and keeps you green.

• NSF Certified components & WRAS certified media

• Simple installation

• Quarter turn release mechanism shuts off water supply for easy maintenance

• Filter housing is reusable and filters are easy and economical to replace

• No waste—return or replace insert refill

• High capacity/High Flow filters, all with low pressure drop

• Suitable for Vending and Food Service Applications

• Choice of premium media

Specially formulated ion-exchange resin with carbon block for excellent scale reduction and improved taste

Quick change cartridge or replace resin tube refill for extra savings and environmental benefits.

Substantial financial savings

The iX FILTER offers substantial savings during the course of a year over equivalent competitor products. This is made possible because, when the filter is exhausted, just the refill can be changed rather than the whole cartridge, as is standard with rival products on the market.

For use on coffee machines, espresso equipment and small drinks machines, the iX FILTER offers a comprehensive product in a cost effective, efficient, flexible and stylish package.

iX FILTER 01 -For small table top machines, low volume usage.

iX FILTER 02 -For 2 group traditional espresso machines, bean to cup machines, medium volume sites.