Everpure Claris Gen 2 Water Filter Head 3/8" Push-Fit.

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Claris, Claris Everpure Water Filter Head 3/8" Push-Fit Fitting, Redber Coffee

Everpure Claris Gen 2 Water Filter Head 3/8" Push-Fit.

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Range Claris Head
Brand Everpure 
Fitting 3/8" Push-Fit
Pressure Reducing Valve No
Water Block No


Head for Claris Everpure Water Filtration systems.

This head is designed specifically to fit the Everpure Claris range of cartridges and has two 3/8" male connections for easy installation. The Claris filter head contains the unique, DuoBlend bypass valve which allows unequalled accuracy of scale control by enabling precise adjustment of the hardness of your machine's feed-water - make no mistake, this is a precision tool.

  • Built-in flush port.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Adjustable by-pass.
  • Flow restrictor.
  • Backflow restrictor.

      Everpure Claris Decarbonization/Filtration Systems by Pentair are specifically designed for specialty coffee and tea brewing. These innovative cartridges help reduce limescale and harmful contaminants which affect water taste and odor by employing ion exchange (“saltless” softening) technology to remove carbonate hardness and lower alkalinity, preventing the scale-forming process from occurring. In addition, these systems allow you to tailor the hardness to match your desired water recipe.

      Everpure Claris Ultra Systems do all of the above and more. The line’s first-in-world technology features a two-step process that combines softening plus sequestering which stabilizes the mineral content of your ingredient water. The result is balanced alkalinity and mineral composition with a stable, close-to-neutral pH to help prevent limescale formation. The sequestering agent also enables higher Claris Ultra capacities versus standard Claris systems.

      The newest cartridge in the Everpure Claris family is Claris Prime, the next level of Claris technology. Claris Prime goes a step beyond Claris Ultra with three key benefits: chloride and sulphate reduction, adjustable chloride and sulphate levels, and adjustable total dissolved solid (TDS) levels.

      Five standard Claris System models are available and cover a capacity range of 400 – 2,910 gallons (1,514 to 11,016 litres).

      Five Claris Ultra models are available which cover a capacity range of 660 – 5,283 gallons (2,500 to 20,000 litres).

      One Claris Prime model in the XXL size is available with a capacity range of 557-1,255 gallons (2,110-4,750 litres) based on application.


      Features of both lines include:

      • Adjustable DUOBLEND bypass valve allows for precise adjustment of carbonate hardness through an ion exchange process.
      • Prefiltration removes coarse particles.
      • “Valve-in-head” design allows the system to depressurize by itself during cartridge change-out.
      • Built-in flush valve and backflow preventer.
      • Automatic inlet and outlet shutoff valves mean no risk of opening head and having water run everywhere.
      • Universal filter head (sold separately) fits all Claris/Claris Ultra cartridge sizes.
      • Quick to install, easy to handle, fast to service.
      • System operates in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
      • Flat cartridge connector allows filter replacement in limited space.

      In addition to specialty coffee applications, certain Claris cartridges are designed for steam applications. The Claris XXL System is an excellent scale prevention option for steam applications such as low volume, boilerless steam ovens. The Claris Prime is ideal for small, direct injection combi ovens.