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Bravilor Bonamat RLX 31 Filter Coffee Machine

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The Bravilor Bonamat RLX is a state-of-the-art filter coffee machine that is designed to server any head-duty environment, such as offices, schools, conference venues, sports grounds and more.  

This Bonamat RLX model features 1 brewing system, 1 hot plate, 1 decanter and separate hot water tap.


    Bravilor Bonamat RLX Filter Coffee Machine Key Features

    • Delicious fresh coffee
    • Robust and high-quality appearance because of stainless steel filter pan and housing
    • Equipped with coffee-is-ready signal and descale indicator
    • Coffee of a consistent quality: The self-regulating hot plates and Bravilor Bonamat decanters monitor the quality of the coffee
    • Easy operation and maintenance


    Bravilor Bonamat RLX Specifications

    Beverages Coffee
    Hot water
      Buffer stock coffee 1.7 litre
        Buffer stock hot water 1.8 litre
          Hour capacity coffee 15 litre
            Hour capacity hot water 18 litre
              Brewing time 6 minutes
                Water connection Yes
                Color Dark-grey
                  Connection 400V 3N~ 50/60Hz 3990W
                  230V 3~ 50/60Hz 3990W
                  230V~ 50/60Hz 2080W
                  400V¯3N 50/60Hz 4005W
                    Dimensions wxdxh 475x509x448 mm
                      Article number RLX 31 Dark-grey
             RLX 31 Dark-grey
             RLX 31 Dark-grey
             RLX 31 Dark-grey