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Enhance Your Workplace with Premium Coffee Solutions

Elevate employee satisfaction with state-of-the-art office coffee machines and freshly roasted coffee. Discover our competitive pricing packages today and enjoy a happier, more productive team.

Different Types of Office Coffee Machines

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  • bean to cup machines

    A bean to cup coffee machine is an ideal choice for any office due to its convenience and freshness. These machines grind and brew beans in each cup - meaning the coffee produced is always as fresh as possible.

  • instant coffee & hot chocolate

    These machines are popular in large offices and office reception areas as a show of hospitality for guests and clients visiting the premises. With filtered hot water at the press of a button these robustly dependable devices provide instant coffees or hot chocolate in next to no time.

  • filter coffee machines

    A filter coffee machine is perfect for conferences and meetings that need to provide coffee for a sizeable group quickly and easily. It produces hot, fresh coffee in large batches, making it especially convenient for larger gatherings. Plus, it's mess-free and easy to clean.

  • Coffetek NEO Coffee Vending Machine I Redber


    Explore our state-of-the-art vending machines designed to satisfy every craving, from snacks and beverages to healthier options. Our vending machines are perfect for offices, leisure centres, gyms, schools and more. Discover the simplicity and efficiency of modern vending today.

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office machines by brand


    Discover excellence with Rex-Royal's Swiss-made, fully automatic coffee machines. Ideal for professional use, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation.


    Experience Italian excellence, beautifully automated. La Cimbali's expertise and technology provide the easiest access to the finest Italian coffee experience.


    Transform your coffee experience with Bravilor Bonamat's professional machines, perfect for any business environment. Boost productivity and delight customers effortlessly.

  • JURA

    Enhance workplace satisfaction with JURA's professional coffee machines. Enjoy up to 200 cups of premium coffee daily. Elevate your coffee experience today.

  • Coffetek NEO Coffee Vending Machine I Redber


    We offer a wide range of Coffetek commercial coffee machines and vending solutions, including bean-to-cup and instant options. Our services also include expert maintenance and repair for optimal performance.

office coffee supplies


    Savour the rich aroma and bold flavours of our freshly roasted coffee. Choose from a wide selection of over 30 premium coffees, each crafted to perfection for your business needs.

  • TEA

    Discover premium teas at Redber—perfect for your office. Enjoy a wide variety of flavours, from classic English Breakfast to exotic Green Tea & Peach. Order now!


    Elevate your office coffee break with our luxurious hot chocolate selections. Indulge in rich flavors that boost morale and productivity.

  • syrups

    Transform your coffee with Redber's syrups. Indulge in vanilla, hazelnut, or pumpkin spice flavors. Perfect for any brew. Try today!

  • Loveramics, Loveramics Egg Cappuccino / Flat White 14.5cm Saucer - Mint, Redber Coffee


    Discover our range of award-winning ceramic and porcelain coffee cups from Loveramics, the official producer for the World Latte Art Championship.


    Explore our premium range of commercial coffee machine water filters, filtration systems, filter heads, pumps, and more, ensuring optimal performance for your machines and the finest quality coffee experience.


  • Expertise & Comprehensive Solutions

    With over a decade of
    expertise, Redber offers end-to-end coffee solutions that guarantee a stress-free experience and confidence in your investment. Our team guides you in selecting the perfect machines, providing flexible payment options and comparative pricing. We support you every step of the way.

  • High Quality Machines at Competitive Prices

    Experience the convenience of freshly brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with our premium commercial coffee machines. We proudly offer durable machines from top brands. Each machine comes with comprehensive support, including expert technical assistance, servicing, installation, and training, ensuring your business enjoys uninterrupted service.

  • Flexible Payment & Client-Focused Options

    Redber caters to businesses of all sizes, offering professional coffee machines to buy, rent, or lease. Our flexible payment
    solutions are tailored to suit a diverse range of clients, including national and international businesses such as Bang & Olufsen, King Street Capital, WebBeds, Yorktel, BW: Workplace Experts, The County Club, Gauthier Soho, Cold Stone Creamery, L3Harris, William Dyer Delicatessen.

  • Freshly Roasted Coffee with Full Support

    At Redber, we offer the finest freshly roasted Arabica coffee, an extensive selection of award-winning blends, exquisite single-origin, and speciality coffees, all at competitive prices. To help you choose your perfect coffee, we provide a complimentary tasting experience. Beyond exceptional coffee, our comprehensive training, servicing, and repair options ensure that your investment continues to provide value for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Options

Should I Purchase Office Coffee Machine, Lease or Hire?

This decision really depends on the size of your office and your budget.

Leasing a Coffee Machine

Leasing commercial coffee machines can provide several advantages over renting one for a short term. When you lease a commercial coffee machine, you are essentially buying the machine, with the full ownership of the machine transferring from the leasing company to you at the end of the lease period.

Renting a Coffee Machine

On the other hand, with rentals, you won't own the machine. You will work with the finance company to determine the monthly rental payments, and there is usually no option for ownership at the end of the rental period.

Hiring a Coffee Machine

We also offer short term rentals - hiring. These are typically 12 months period. You can opt for either a straight rental (machine only) or a blended rental that includes consumables such as our Redber coffee beans.

General Considerations

What should I consider when choosing an office coffee machine?

Consider the number of cups per day, who will be using the machine, where it will be installed, and who will maintain it. Also, think about purchase options, servicing, and extra costs.

Daily Use

How do I determine the number of cups needed per day?

Estimate your daily demand. For low demand, a small machine works. For high demand, a fully automatic espresso machine is ideal.

User Experience

What type of coffee machine is suitable for different users?

For experienced users, consider a commercial espresso machine. For occasional drinkers, a touch screen bean-to-cup machine might be better.


What should I consider about the installation location?

Ensure the machine fits the available space. Commercial machines may require plumbing and can be larger than expected.


Who should handle the maintenance of the coffee machine?

Regular maintenance is crucial. Assign someone from your team or hire a professional to look after the machine.


How important is servicing for office coffee machines?

Regular servicing by professionals helps prolong the machine's life and ensures consistent performance.

Additional Costs

Are there extra costs associated with coffee machines?

Yes, consider costs for water filter systems and other necessary accessories.

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Friendly telephone advice. Fast and efficient delivery of an easy to use coffee machine. Thank you

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We have been using Redber for years now and their coffee is delicious. 

Will Gill

Coffee Culture

Having wasted countless money on lesser machines, I bought this machine for our office. Definitely worth the investment. Easy to use, easy clean, what's not to love

Ken M


Fast despatch, good communication and free samples of their coffee. What's not to like

Peter D


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