UGANDA ZOMBO - Medium-Dark Roast Coffee
UGANDA ZOMBO - Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

UGANDA ZOMBO - Medium-Dark Roast Coffee


The slightly heavier roast really develops the flavours of milk chocolate and cranberry, making the cup complex and indulgent. The sweetness is more prominent and the fruity acidity more muted. Enjoy this as a cafetiere for best results.

Zombo coffee is from a collection of microlot farms all producing speciality coffee. It is processed at a central mill and washing station co-owned by the farmers. This central smallholding business model allows for consistency in the coffee, high cupping scores of 85+, increased farmer income - paying way over the Fairtrade price, and community development, allowing the farmers to be self sufficient in many ways. This wonderful scheme has transformed the lives of the farmers and their families.

The coffee is completely organic and nothing artificial is used in the growth or production, better for the environment and the cup. It's a speciality coffee, allowing the farmers to receive a great price for their product and allowing us, the consumers, to enjoy a brilliant cup.

Zombo is also our January Coffee of the Month. Everyone who buys this coffee is automatically entered into a prize draw to win a free three month subscription of 250g of a coffee of your choice.

Read more about Zombo here.

What you need to know...

Flavours: Pear, cranberry, milk chocolate, sugarcane

Aroma: Sweet with berry fruit

Body: Clean and rich

Acidity: Muted citric acidity

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