UGANDA BUKONZO - Medium Roast Coffee


We only Roast to Order - All of our coffees are fresh and never stored!

Sweet, fruity coffee with hints of raspberries. It has medium body and clear, bright acidity. 

We offer these Ugandan Bukonzo beans as a part of our Giving Back programme. By purchasing these beans a portion will automatically be donated to Seeds for Development who directly support Ugandan communities by helping them to grow coffee. This helps get money directly from you the consumer to the farmer. We will give 50 pence for every 250g you buy (e.g. £2 for 1kg). You Give Back and enjoy a lovely coffee.

Ugandan Bukonzo coffee is grown by Bukonzo Cooperative from the Rwenzori Mountains, or ‘Mountains of the Moon’ in Western Uganda. 

Bukonzo coffee is also Organic and Fair Trade. 


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