PANAMA HORTIGAL - Green Coffee Beans

PANAMA HORTIGAL - Green Coffee Beans


Panama Finca Hortigal is sourced from the highlands of Boquete, located in the south-west mountains of Panama with views of the Volcan Baru and Hortigal Mountain. The area is world famous for producing some of the best coffee that money can buy due to the nutrient rich volcanic soil and unique micro climates. It’s clear why we are extremely excited about this coffee here at Redber.

Finca Hortigal is home to 34.5 hectares and following each harvest the cherries are sent to a local mill to be processed. At the mill the cherries are washed and sun-dried to allow the flavours to develop. Following the drying process, the coffee is stored in a warehouse and regularly cupped until the perfect characteristics are apparent and the coffee is ready to be shipped.

  • Flavours: Brown sugar, citrus, milk chocolate, graham cracker
  • Aroma: Sweet
  • Body: Full and creamy
  • Acidity: Dry white wine

      Perfect for...

      Espresso based drinks, such as cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.

      The finer details... 

      • Origin: Finca Hortigal, Boquete Highlands, Panama
      • Farm: Finca Hortical
      • Altitude: 1,400m - 1,600m
      • Variety: Typica Arabica
      • Harvest Period: January - April
      • Processed Method: Washed, Sun-dried, Matured