No Decanting Connoisseur Coffee Pack

No Decanting Connoisseur Coffee Pack


We have collaborated with the team at No Decanting to bring a complete kit to coffee brewing at home. This pack includes four of our highest scoring coffees, and also includes 8 x coffee filter bags and a handful of green beans for the description. All coffees are filter ground and bags are 125g each.

Coffees Included:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke Natural (Medium) – SCA 88
Flavours of coconut, white grape and lime. Medium body with a mild acidity

Sumatra Mandheling G1 (Dark) – SCA 84
Full-bodied, syrupy body combined with muted acidity makes an elegant exotic cup. Herbal, chocolate, clean earthy, woody notes, spicy

Costa Rica San Francisco Community Lot Honey (Medium-Dark) – SCA 83.5
Honeysuckle, golden syrup, raisin fruitiness and sweet. Great texture.

Brazil Familia Barbosa (Medium-Dark) – SCA 87
a. Sweet microlot coffee from Brazil Minas Gerais with a pronounced flavour of tropical fruit & citrus, creamy smooth body and lingering aftertaste.