Melitta Padfilters for Senseo Coffee Machine


Melitta ® Padfilter

Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee with the coffee of your choice:

  • The fillable Padfilter of Melitta is reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all Philips Senseo appliances
  • Content: 2 pcs


  1. Fill the padfilter with a spoon (8g) of ground coffee. Use finely ground coffee for best results. 
  2. Close the lid of the pad filter. 
  3. Thoroughly remove all the coffee residues on the exterior of the pad filter
  4. Place the padfilter in the double pad holder of your coffee machine.
  5. Prepare one cup of coffee as usual.
  6. Empty the padfilter, rinse it, and let it dry after the last preparation.

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