Melitta Natura Coffee Paper Filters 1x4 (80 pcs)

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Environmentally friendly coffee enjoyment. Natural coffee enjoyment.

With Melitta® Natura you bring sustainability and balanced aromatic coffee enjoyment into harmony. Produced using 60% fast growing bamboo.

The Aromafilter with its 3 Aromazones guarantees full flavour and perfect coffee enjoyment.

  • Highest quality for purity, tear strength and filtration performance
  • With extra strong double seam
  • Size 1x4
  • 80 filters



The advanced multi-layer filtration is separated into 3 Aroma Zones, each with a different number of perforations.


  • Balancing: The top zone prevents bitterness and guarantees a balanced aroma
  • Refining: The middle zone supports even and consistent brewing and refines the aroma of your coffee
  • Unfolding: The lower zone, the so-called “pre-brewing zone” unfolds the first aromas in your coffee

With 60% bamboo

Bamboo is the most versatile, most widespread, and above all the fastest growing crop in the world. From this unique raw material Melitta® has developed Melitta® coffee filters with 60% bamboo in order to use less cellulose from trees. In this way we guarantee perfect coffee enjoyment - in harmony with nature.

Aromapor® paper

The special characteristic of this paper is its micro-perforations. These perforations ensure that only the finest flavours make their way into your coffee: this will allow it to release its full flavour.

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