Melitta Cremio Milk Frother (White)

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Whether for Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino or Café Frappé - with the Melitta Cremio you will always get the most delicious milk froth!  

Highlights & Features:

  • Prepare hot or cold frothered milk at touch of a button
  • Prepare warm cocoa with normal cocoa powder in one go
  • Prepare frothered soya or lactose free milk
  • Non-stick coating covering the milk container
  • 3 attachments for different coffee specialities
  • Cordless, 360° base station with rubber feet
  • Integrated cord-storage
  • Auto-Off incl. overheating protection
  • Illuminated operating buttons: Red - warm frothered milk / warm milk and Blue - cold frothered milk
  • Lift-Switch-off: the frother turns itself off, as soon as it is being removed from its base.
  • Capacity for frothered milk:100 - 200 ml (min./max. markings on appliance)
  • Capacity for warm milk: 100 - 400 ml (min./max. markings on appliance)
  • Power consumption in stand-by: less than 1 watt
  • 600 watt


cappuccino attachment completely froths the milk with only a minimal amount of liquid milk left. The result is a solid milk froth.


The latte macchiato attachment froths the milk but leaves a higher amount of liquid milk in the container.


The hot milk attachment warms the milk and makes sure that the milk is heated without scalding.

You can then put a layer of espresso between the milk and milk froth to create a beautiful latte macchiato with its 3 layers. 



Preparation Instruction:

For a perfect milk froth result, you should always use fresh, chilled milk at a temperature of 7-8°C. It’s not the fat content, but the protein content of the milk that’s important for creating a creamy milk froth. If the milk has at least 3 g of protein per 100 grams (which can be determined by checking its packaging), it can be used to make milk froth with Melitta Cremio. Lactose-free or soy milk that meet this criterion can also be used. 



The sooner you clean the machine, the less time it will take. Rinse the milk container, frothing rod and attachment under running water. Do not hold the lid under running water or submerge it because the motor is in the lid.

When rinsing the milk container, take care not to allow water to touch the contacts on the handle. It would be better to use a little dishwashing detergent and a soft, damp cloth. That’s all you need thanks to the non-stick coating of the milk container, provided you don’t let the residue of the milk froth dry out.

In order not to damage the non-stick coating, do not try to scrape away stubborn grime. Instead, to remove stubborn grime, we recommend using the milk system cleaners which readily removes milk residues thoroughly and hygienically.


  Download manual 


 Melitta product no: 6702106

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