La Spaziale S2 (Takeaway) 3 Group


Great for mid size cafe, pub or restaurant

Lease from £20.00 a week* Call us on 01483 80 85 80

 Great for mid size cafe or restaurant

 Stainless steel body

 Pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control

 Automatic boiler refill

 Build-in pump


  • Electronic coffee machine with proportioned dose setting
  • Built-in pump
  • Electric heating system
  • 10-liter boiler (for the 2-group machine)
  • 15-liter boiler (for the 3-group machine)
  • Pressure gauge for boiler 
  • and pump pressure control
  • 1 hot water outlet / 2 steam wands
  • Boiler heating element safety thermostat
  • Automatic boiler refill
  • Control of malfunction alarms
  • Stainless steel body
  • Gas heating system (2 and 3 groups)
  • Electric cup warmer (2 and 3 groups)
  • Distance of 16 cm between delivery spouts
  • and drip tray to allow “take away” cups
  • Grids for espresso cup

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