KENYA PEABERRY - Medium Roast Coffee


Our Kenya Peaberry has fine body, rich acidity and lemony aromatic notes. 



What you need to know...

  • Aroma: lemon
  • Flavour: light floral, citrus fruit 
  • Body: fine
  • Acidity: medium / high


Perfect for...

Cafetiere, pour-ver and V60 drip. 

The finer details...  

  • Origin: Kenya
  • Region: Tatu
  • Altitude: from 1700m to 1800m above sea level
  • Processed Method


    Kenyan Peaberry is a rare bean. It is a single oval bean that sometimes appears inside the coffee fruit in place of the usual two flat-sided beans. T

    Peaberries generally embody the characteristics of a coffee with somewhat greater intensity than normal beans from the same crop. 



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