Hario V60 Coffee Maker Kit
Hario V60 Pourover Coffee Maker Kit
Hario V60 Coffee Starter Kit with 2 cups
Hario V60 Pourover

Hario V60 Coffee Maker Kit in White (2 Cups)

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This Hario V60 Coffee Maker Kit makes an ideal starter kit for coffee newbies or a fantastic gift for any coffee lover! 

A combination of the Japanese made V60 02 Dripper Plastic White, V60 02 filters (40pcs) and 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee is makes a great gift for a loved one and it comes at unbeatable price!

The Hario V60 innovative pour over dripper design has a large opening at the bottom. This, with the spiral ribs on the inside and a fairly steep wall all contribute to making a great cup of pour over cup of coffee. The classic ceramic V60 has great heat retention and will last a very long time. A simple yet pleasantly effective way to make coffee. The 01 version is design for 1 cup and the 02 for 2 cups. The dripper can be used directly over a cup or a coffee pot or jug.

What is in this Hario V60 Coffee Maker Kit: 

  • Hario V60 02 Plastic White Dripper
  • Hario V60 02 Filter Papers (40pcs)
  • Redber 250g of Freshly Roasted Coffee - single origin or blend will be picked and roasted on dispatch day and ground to filter grind (if you prefer beans, please leave a note on the checkout page)

The kit comes in standard packaging.