The cup has light body, sweet with refined notes of maple, orange and almonds. The aroma is chocolatey with hints of cocoa. 

Finca San Ernesto is part of Urrutia's Estate Coffee, a family business dating back to the 1870's when Mr. Juan Urrutia S. an eminent and visionary Salvadoran farmer, pioneered the cultivation of the Arabica Bourbon variety of coffee in El Salvador, starting a tradition that is proudly continued nowadays.

We have the SHG (Strictly High Grown 1400 - 1850m asl) Bourbon & Paca varieties, the signature varieties of the region. They are shade grown amongst a luxuriant selection of native trees, Pepeto, Cuje Negro, Gravileo etc. In fact right alongside the coffee plantation is an area of more than 200 Ha of virgin forest, which is so crucial to the local microclimate that UNESCO has declared it a Biosphere Reserve.
We have a limited supply of this Finca San Ernesto as a Honey Process. This is where the producers have moved away from their traditional Central American method of fermenting and washing the beans, to remove the mucilage, after stripping the skins off & have experimented with drying the beans with some of the mucilage still on. Black Honey is most of the flesh left on, Red Honey is some of it left on & White Honey is most of it removed. So, our green bean has a little longer contact with the flesh of the fruit, which translates into something citrusy in the roast. In fact with the remnants of mucilage still clinging to the chaff line in the fissure of the bean, there definite hint of caramelised orange… If there was such a thing as Orange Honey Process, this would be it!
From these rich volcanic soils, fed in places by hot springs, comes a coffee that has a wealth of complex flavours, a lovely roasted walnut aroma, citrus notes from the candied orange peel quadrant of the flavour wheel but throughout always dominated by a deep vein of satisfyingly rich chocolate.



Altitude: 1400 - 1850 metres a.s.l.
Soil:   Rich volcanic soil
Coffee Variety: Bourbon, Pacas

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