COLOMBIA DIVISO - Green Coffee Beans
COLOMBIA DIVISO - Green Coffee Beans

COLOMBIA DIVISO - Green Coffee Beans


Working closely with The Green Collection allows us to source, roast and provide some of the most exciting and, arguably, best coffee coming out of Colombia. Not only is the quality of coffee important, but The Green Collection prioritise traceability, sustainability and sociability. They pay way above the fairtrade price to farmers, make sure each coffee they source is completely organic and supports the natural biodiversity of the surrounding area (most of the farms are micro-lots surrounded by beautiful rainforest) and they develop local communities to better the lives of the locals and reduce the impact of poverty.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Montalvo, Tolima

Farm: Diviso

Altitude: 1800 metres above the sea level

Variety: Caturra/Castillo/F8/Bourbon

Processed Method: 36 hrs. 12 cherry, 24 hrs Parchment

Flavour: Yellow fruits, smooth silky body, lemon acidity residual, aftertaste tropical fruits.

Body: Smooth, Silky

Acidity: Lemon