Espresso and Automatic Machine Variety Selection (Wholesale Coffee)


Try a collection of  different, delicious freshly roasted coffees, either as beans, or ground to requirements. Find the perfect coffee for your business or your customers.

If you are uncertain of which of our coffees would be the best fit, or would like to try a few, this is a fantastic option.

This selection has been tailored to manual espresso machines, bean to cup machines, semi-automatics and similar machines, and is available as whole beans or as pre-ground coffee.

For a 6kg case, as a a starting point, we suggest one bag each of:

  • Nicaragua Matagalpa
  • Honduras Santa Rosa
  • Caffe Italiano Blend
  • Monsooned Malabar
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Santos and Sumatra Blend

And choosing the 8kg selection adds:

  • El Salvador Diamante
  • Brazil Yellow Catuai
However, if there are any other coffees you are interested in, please get in touch with us, either on the telephone, at 01483 80 85 80, or by email at
We would be delighted to create a combination, or make bespoke recommendations for your business.






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