Bodum Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Mug 11068-294 - Red

Bodum Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Mug 11068-294 - Red

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Should you have to compromise on an excellent cup of coffee when you're on the go? We certainly don't think so, and that's why we've combined the coffee maker with a travel mug. For those of you who need just one cup for your morning perk, the travel press might be the right choice. For all the others who prepare a large pot of coffee and bring one cup for the commute, the travel mug will do the trick.

The mugs are made from stainless steel for maximum heat retention. They have a closable lid with a stopper for the opening. The slip-proof silicone band around them comes in beautiful colours. The mug is dishwasher safe. 

Size: 0.35 Ltr. 

Colour: Red

Item code: 11068-294

Caution: Please do always keep the mug upright. Due to safety reasons, the mug is not leak-proof because of possible over pressurisation.