Bodum Travel Mug, 0.45 l, 15 oz - White 11685-913S

Bodum Travel Mug, 0.45 l, 15 oz - White 11685-913S

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Ideal for the daily commute, holidays, the gym or simply walking the dog, the Bodum TRAVEL MUG is designed to go wherever you go, ensuring that your coffee, tea or other favorite drink is always within reach, even when you’re far from home.

Central to the Travel Mug’s stylish, streamlined design is our innovative, insulating double wall system. It keeps hot and cold beverages at their best for hours, so you can savor every sip. Rest assured that the exterior stays cool even when the contents are piping hot. Durable and robust, this double wall plastic travel mug is clear so you can see at a glance how much drink you have, and it has a non-slip silicone band for comfortable carrying, and secure lid with drinking aperture.

The combination of style, convenience and portability make this one of the best travel mugs for any journey. What’s more, you can enjoy every drink more knowing that you’ve swapped single-use cups for a long-lasting, more eco-friendly alternative. Available in a range of colors, your Travel Mug is as individual as you are.

Caution: Make sure the Bodum Travel Mug stays upright when full. Due to safety reasons, the mug is not leakproof due to possible overpressure.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Stylish, practical travel mug for hot and cold drinks
  • Made of BPA-free plastic, rubber and silicone
  • Double-wall plastic body keeps hot and cold drinks at their ideal temperature for longer
  • Wrapped in a colorful plastic band for safe, ergonomic grip
  • Screw-lid functionality allows you to adjust the flow of liquid
  • Available in a choice of colors to suit any style
  • Easy to clean