Bodum JOYCUP Travel Mug 0.3L - Navy Blue

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When you’ve taken the time to make seriously good coffee, take it with you in the JOYCUP travel mug and savour it wherever the day takes you. This reusable mug is as practical as it is stylish, making it an ideal alternative to disposable cups. The innovative, insulating design keeps hot and cold drinks at the perfect temperature for longer, while protecting your fingers. (Imagine stepping out of your front door with your favourite beverage, tackling the daily commute and still being able to enjoy the drink at your desk!) Thanks to the silicone band around its middle, the JOYCUP is easy to hold. What’s more, the secure lid guards against spillages. We all prefer sipping our morning coffee to wearing it, after all. 
Why settle for a café’s cup of Joe when your very own, comforting cup of joy can accompany you on your journey instead? Wherever you go when you’re on the go, you won’t want to leave home without the handy JOYCUP travel mug. Destination: satisfaction! 

Size: 0.3 Ltr.
Colour: Navy Blue
Item Number: 11674-981B-Y18
Dishwasher Safe: 

Caution: Please do always keep the mug upright. 


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