Bodum Chambord 6-cup Stove Top / Espresso Maker 0.35l

Bodum Chambord 6-cup Stove Top / Espresso Maker 0.35l

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Thanks to the Chambord espresso maker by Bodum, an aromatic espresso can be prepared in no time. It was traditionally made of aluminium, which makes it light and robust. The design of the espresso maker is kept simple and classic with a stainless steel look.

Water is filled into the lower part of the pot, and a metal part is attached to it with the espresso powder. As soon as the water starts to boil, steam is formed. This is slowly pressed through the ground coffee at high pressure, in order to let the espresso's aroma unfold in the upper chamber.

A refined brewing process that ensures that the ground coffee is not deprived of valuable aromatic components.

In addition, the jug has a valve that automatically drains water vapour when the pressure in the lower jug ​​is too high.


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