Anfim - SPII+ Commercial Coffee Grinder

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Anfim, Anfim - SPII+, Redber Coffee

Anfim - SPII+ Commercial Coffee Grinder

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Colour Black

The SP II+ is the top choice to produce a clean flavour with optimal sweetness and perfect balance – even in the busiest environments.

New features on the SP II+ include: 

  • Replacement of the mechanical start/stop activation switch with a durable proximity sensor that automatically detects the portafilter and stays unaffected by even the most intense use during peak hours. 
  • Upgraded cooling system which now has the industry's leading fans rated at IP55. The dual cooling fans on the SP II+ have been upgraded to IP55 which is the best quality available to stabilize the cooling of the internal temperature of the entire grinder.
  •  Removable rear panel that brings a smile of joy to every technician’s face. The removable access panel on the SP II+ is taken off with 6 x 3mm allen screws allowing easy access to the internals for routine maintenance.  
  •  Two additional safety switches have been added, one under the hopper and one behind the exit spout. These will automatically stop the grinder if either is removed, making the end of day cleaning and maintenance a simplified and safe process.


Burr diameter: 75 SP mm

Burr material: Titanium coated burrs

Voltage / Frequency / Phase*: 220-240/50/1

Watt: 720 W

RPM: 650 rpm

Grinding capacity up to: 5-6 kg/day

Grinding time for single Espresso: 2.2 s

Bean hopper capacity: 2.0 kg

Dimensions (w x h x d): 220 x 620 x 370 mm

Net weight: 16.3 kg

Shipping weight: 18.4 kg

Colour option**: Black/Black, White/Black, Grey, Red


  • Bean hopper slide

  • Overload protection

  • Proximity sensor 

  • Multifunction display & control unit

  • Stepless grind adjustment

  • Dual cooling fan system

  • Safety switch under the bean hopper

  • Safety switch behind the spout

  • Removable back panel



  • CE 


  • KTC