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Wholesale Coffee - Your Sector

We supply to a huge variety of businesses. From Cafes to Pubs, and Catering companies to Offices. Providing freshly roasted coffee, coffee equipment and servicing for businesses of any kind and any size.Find out more about your business sector below, you can also read about some of our existing customers here.


When starting a coffee shop you begin with the daunting process of finding reliable equipment that can cope with your specific needs. Get in touch today to speak to a member of our team who can help simplify these options for you and point you in the right direction. 

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With hotels being so diverse in terms of the hospitality they provide it is more important than ever to understand the beverage serving that are out there for you. You may offer filter coffee or bean to cup machines for conference rooms or large bulk brewers for event centers. From your Restaurant to your reception areas, we have coffee solutions to best suit you.

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Productivity in your office is essential for your business to be successful and keep growing. But with all the time and money wasted with your employees leaving to go to the nearest Starbucks or Costa why not reduce these journeys. With new bean to cup coffee machines you can have barista style coffee for your staff and even show off to your guests. Get in touch to find a solution that fits your needs and budget best.

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At your Restaurant, your quality is what sets you apart from the crowd. Time and care is taken throughout the meal and this shouldn’t stop at dessert. An excellent coffee at the end of  a meal will make your customers leave with each box on their expectations list ticked!

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Mobile Catering

Being a mobile caterer you need to get creative in your setup and work with limited space. We can help with low power, compact coffee machines that fit the space you are working with. We can also help advise as much as you need into solutions that work for you such as water pumps, counter mounting and machine style. Get in touch with information about your setup and we will get to work creating your perfect coffee package

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Whether you are a school, college or university Redber can help with your coffee needs.

From a simple filter machine in the staff room to a full bean to cup set up in the cafeteria or common room. We have you covered. With coffee that will be enjoyed by all we are confident we can help with your requirements.

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Hairdressers & Barbers

When your clients arrive they can quite often be with you for hours and we know you want to provide them with the best experience possible. Coffee and hot drinks have become a big part of that experience.

We can help with the simplest solutions of a pour and serve machine and filter coffee, a bean to cup or instant machine giving you your chosen coffee at the press of a button or even a full traditional machine. We no doubt have the right solution for your needs and budget.

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Great bartenders will leave your customer impressed and on occasion amazed with their showstopping dedication and passion in their drink making skills. Having a classic and sleek traditional espresso machine lit up behind the bar will just increase these moments of wonderment.

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Whether you are catering for small or large events you often need the least labor intensive way of providing beverages to your customers. Bulk brewers and customer friendly bean to cup machines are a great way to put the coffee and the means of serving in the customers hands. Get in contact to find out what your options could be.

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