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Welcome to Redber Coffee, expert Coffee Roasters situated near Guildford, in Merrow.

We are a family-run coffee roasters that sources and roasts coffee beans only to order from regions across the world. If you are searching for fresh coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Java, or Costa Rica, we have a something you will love. You can order Dark Roasted, Light Roasted, Beans or Ground coffee, it's your choice. We also offer a UK coffee subscription if you'd like your beans delivered to your door on a regular basis.  

To enjoy the coffee the way your like it you can upgrade your coffee experience, why now browse our range of products. If you are interested in coffee we have the A-to-Z. From bean-to-cup coffee machines from Sage, Jura and Melitta, coffee makers from Aeropress, coffee drippers, cafetieres, filter coffee machines and pour overs. We also have a wide variety of accessories such as coffee bean grinders and travel coffee mugs for when you are on-the-go. 

Wholesale Coffee

We also supply wholesale coffee, coffee machines and spares to cafes, pubs, restaurants, schools and businesses. You can order coffee beans in bulk, coffee machine cleaning kits, coffee maker filter papers, teas and coffee biscuits. You can learn more about our wholesale coffee here.