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Redber is all about delivering freshly roasted quality coffee. We offer all our listed coffees to our business customers, please look through our different fresh coffee ranges. We focus on 3 areas:


Office Solutions

We can provide a variety of solutions from machines to quality fresh coffee. We can also provide a machine and coffee for free, you simply pay per cup. For which you can pay as low as 12p a cup for fresh roasted coffee, depending on how you might want to drink. With certain contracts all your staff can also get a 10% discount on all our coffee.  Please browse our Office Solutions and decide for yourself.



If you wish to retail our fresh roasted coffee or have our coffee branded to suit your business then please give us a call. We can discuss coffee bags sizes, quantities and the different coffees you may prefer.


Cafés, Resturants, Hotels….

There is a stronger and stronger interest in drinking coffee that is fresh and original. It will help differentiate you from those serving older roasted generic blends of espresso coffee. Why not offer your customers a Sumatra or Ethiopian coffee every day and have a monthly guest coffee like a lovely Guatemala. Take a look into our variety fresh coffee. Please give us a call and we can discuss putting some great coffee on your drinks menu.



We believes in great and bespoke service. We would be happy to make signature blends for your business, arrange deliveries around your schedules, supply beans or ground coffee and have flexible contracts. Providing freshly roasted coffee means that within days of roasting you are enjoying the best flavour and aroma from your coffee.

We roast in Surrey and will provide a local and personalised service. Tell us what you would like and will make every effort to put it together.


Please call us on 01483 779 004 or email us below.

Thank you.