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Start up Package 1 (Low Volume)

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If you are looking for a hassle-free full café setup and expecting  volumes of less than 100 cups per day in coffee sales then this is the package for you. Every aspect of the setup is included so that after installation you can get straight into making the perfect cup of coffee and be trained to have excellent knowledge of the machine you are using and on the way to barista greatness!

What is included:

Espresso Machine: 


    • Macap M42 - Digital on-demand Professional Burr Coffee Grinder

Barista Accessories:

        • Wooden Tamper 57mm
        • Milk Frothing Jug 600ml x 2
        • Cafelat corner Tamping Matt
        • Under Grinder Knockbox


      • 6kg Freshly roasted coffee of your choice in our 40 coffee selection
      • 1kg Freshly roasted decaffeinated coffee (pre-ground)
      • 6kg Redber Premium Hot chocolate powder

      Complimentary Cleaning Products:

      • Group head cleaning brush
      • 100 Cafiza Cleaning tablets
      • 1L Milk frother cleaner
      • Blanking Disc


      • IX02 Water filter complete with filter head
      • Installation
      • Delivery


      • Extensive training on use and maintenance of Espresso machine and grinder
      • Complimentary Barista training for up to 5 people


      Please enquire at or call us on 01483 80 85 80. 


      Espresso Machine Features:

      Macchiavalley Compac 2 Group

      Two steam wands 
      Stainless steel body 
      High performance rotary pump 
      2 Year Warranty
      Perfect for high volume cafes  
      Electronic keyboard with 6 programmable buttons per group


      The Macchiavalley Compac is an entry level traditional espresso machine. It is extremely reliable, solid construction and simple operating features. It’s the perfect machine for Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants looking for a cost effective machine which will serve them well for many years.

      Technical Specification

      • Model: Compac
      • Group head: 2
      • Size W x H x D (mm): 700 x 510 x 540
      • Weight: 54Kg
      • Heating power: 2200 – 3000 W
      • Pump Flow: High performance100 L / Hour
      • Boiler capacity: 1 Litre copper
      • Power:  13 amp Single phase