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We love getting to know our customers and find that it really helps when finding the perfect coffee set up. We are here for guidance and help along each step of the way

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Make Your Choice

You will then be invited to our Roastery in Guildford for a free coffee tasting! If you are unable to make the tasting we will guide you towards finding the perfect coffee and/or coffee machine for you!

Free Coffee Tasting

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You can then enjoy the best coffee in your staff room. We are available for full support and aftercare if you have any queries (or have run out of coffee!) We have customer service support available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

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Free COFfee Tasting

We welcome all offices to our Roastery in Guildford for a free coffee tasting to find your favourite!

1) Choose a Date & Time

Contact us with your preferred date and time for us to arrange your visit 

2) Invite 2-6 People

Choose 2-6 Coffee drinkers from your team to come and visit us 

3) Visit & Roastery Tour

You will get a tour of our roastery and see how your coffee is made!

4) Coffee Tasting

Taste our coffees and find your favourite for the office!

Save Money Every Day

Switch from your local Coffee Shop
to Redber Coffee and save up to
£1,500 a year!

    Highest Quality COFfee

    We source a huge range of 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world.

    Free Coffee Tasting

    Hand Roasted & Packed

    Every thing is labelled, roasted and packed by hand and with care

    Our Story

    Grown by

    We trade directly with coffee farms in Brazil and Colombia who care about coffee

    Our Direct Trade

    What our Customers are Saying...

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    - Burson Cohn & Wolfe 

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