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It’s time for change. In the last fifty years we have sacrificed environmental balance, and we now have widespread economic failure and huge environmental challenges. We know that we can’t resolve these challenges on our own, the problems need to be met with new ideas where we combine forces between business and third sector to generate real solutions.


Here is one simple and effective starting example: 

Did you know the coffee you’re drinking is helping with education programmes on sustainability, across the globe?

Pop Up Foundation was established to create the conditions where all participants flourish, economically, ecologically and socially by engaging in simple sustainable solutions in their own places, and connecting the results to widen the positive impact.  Working in local communities, schools and colleges the Pop-Up Foundation delivers a programme called Naturally Smart, encouraging and supporting communities to develop sustainable, ecological mind-sets and develop their own Naturally Smart Places. The Foundation then connects Naturally Smart Places and communities with each other, learning, growing and developing together. 


Why should businesses get involved?

Every cup you drink in the office generates a micro-budget which we use to invest into our education programmes. It's so simple! The more coffee you drink, the more funds are generated and invested, leading to widespread learning and actions which are in harmony with the planet.

It is well known that if you engage your employees in something beyond their daily routine, beyond the focus of the company, that you will begin to see a benefit in employee engagement and retention - people quickly appreciate that their efforts are contributing in small and effective ways to be part of the bigger solution. It’s a great motivator and everybody wins.

What’s more it provides a great story for your shareholders, clients and partners, and means you drink superb coffee every day!

Have another mug of coffee and know that every time you take a sip, you are doing a little bit more to help change the world for the better.

  • Build your sustainability offering
  • Add to your CSR
  • Support a school of your choice
  • Enjoy fresh roasted coffee at work.

All organisations, business, government and NGO need to evaluate and act on the positive impacts of sustainability, both internally and externally. Broader sustainability can help increase revenue, reduce energy costs and reduced waste. Furthermore improve hiring and attrition expenses, retain talent and generate tax breaks. More importantly it can have a positive impact on external, social and environmental stakeholders. Resulting in a better corporate image and impact on society.

Pop up foundation is about preparing, educating and facilitating the present and future generations with a mind set of sustainability. Helping it to come naturally to all of us.