Free Filter Coffee Machines and Fresh Filter Coffee - Pay per cup

Here we make it easy for you to get your fresh coffee. Please call call or email us to find out more. Here are the advantages:

  • Free use of coffee machine
  • Free fresh roasted coffee delivered monthly 
  • No leases or capital outlay 
  • Drink a different coffee every week 
  • Choose from 30 different original coffees or blends 
  • Cheaper and better choice than high street coffee 

Below are some examples for you. Please call us to discuss other options.

01483 808580

Bravilor Bonamat Novo 2 for between 10 to over 100 people

Bravilor NovoChoose one of the 3 options below based on the volume you think you need. 
  1. 25 cups or 10 people   - 20p per cup
  2. 50 cups or 25 people   - 16p per cup 
  3. 100 cups or 50 people - 12p per cup



Small Print for Filter machine

  • Choose 1 of the 3 option for a set monthly price 
  • Fresh coffee provided based on 150 ml cups 
  • If extra coffee is required it is charged at a 10% discount from the website 
  • Based on 1 year contract.