Find the One you love with your packs!

With so many coffees on offer, it can be a quite difficult ot pick a coffee to try. Therefore, we have 

We roast our coffees from medium to dark, 

There are particular roasts for each o

Packs have been put together to allow you the chance to try different coffees, compare them and choose the one that suits your palate. All Packs consist of four different coffees and these come  in either 125g, 250g or 500g bags.  We have tried to create packs fit your different interests, brewing methods or tastes. Enjoy!

Many factors affect the final flavour of a coffee including: the provenance of the beans, plantation location, soil, altitude, weather, the species of the coffee and finally the roasting and blending of the beans.The roast varies from mild through to strong, but it’s important to note that the roast does not affect the strength – strength of coffee depends purely on how much coffee is used, roasting simply enhances the flavour and characteristics of a particular coffee.

Here’s a guide that groups our coffee according to strength of roast. The world of coffee is rich and diverse, so why not discover some new blends: