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Coffee Club Referral Discount

Coffee Club Members ONLY: 

Give 30% & Get 30% off when you
Refer a Friend

If you have signed up to our Coffee Club, then congratulations!
You are eligible for our 30% off refer a friend 

One Easy Step: Send us an email with your referred person copied in.

T&Cs:  Refer us to a friend*, and receive 30% off of your next coffee order. Your friend will also receive 30% off of their first coffee order. E-mail us with your friend copied in. Once we receive your email we will then create a discount code for your friend and send it to them.  Once your friend has completed their first order, you will then receive your discount code. *You will need to be an existing customer and a member of our Coffee Club to be eligible to refer your friend for 30% off. The friend that you refer will need to be a new customer for Redber Coffee - the offer will not be valid if they have ordered from us before. (This includes alternative email addresses.) Offer valid once per customer. This discount code is not valid for subscription orders.

Refer Your Friend