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Cleaning Help - How to Clean your Coffee Equipment

Follow our guide on how to clean your Coffee Equipment. From Cafetieres to Bean to Cup Machines, and Milk Frothers to Espresso Machines. We have everything covered for you to follow, no matter what equipment it is you are cleaning. Keeping your equipment clean is such an important part of coffee brewing, but is one that can be easily forgotten! Avoid mould build up and unpleasant smelling coffee machines by following our quick and easy steps.


What Cleaning Products do I need?

To help you get started we have put together a table of some of the cleaning equipment you may need for the coffee equipment you have. 


Select The Machine you need to clean:

Filter Coffee Machine

Cafetiere/French Press

Bean to Cup Machine

Domestic Espresso Machine

Commercial Espresso Machine


Milk Frother

Descaling Powder/Liquid






Cleaning Tablets/Powder



Blanking Disc






Milk System Cleaning Liquid







Cleaning Brush






Grinder Cleaning









How to Clean a Cafetiere/French Press...


It is not compulsory to clean your cafetiere/french press using a cleaning tablet/powder - but they certainly help when removing oils and stains from coffee that may be there from extensive use. If dirt and oils build up this can end up affecting the taste of your coffee. 






How to Clean a Filter Coffee Machine...



We have put together a guide on how to Clean a Bravilor Novo Filter Coffee Machine - You can find this Here. For a quick and basic guide and as a rule or thumb: after each use of your filter machine you can clean the jug and the filter pan with soapy water as normal. We would recommend deep cleaning using a tablet/powder suitable for your machine around once a month, and descaling around once a month.





How to Clean a Bean to Cup Machine...



You can find our thorough guide to cleaning a Melitta Bean to Cup machine HereThis guide specifically applies to Melitta Bean to Cup Machines, and we would always suggest following the user manual for your Bean to Cup machine when cleaning it. You would generally need cleaning powder or Tablets and descaler. If you have a milk system in your Bean to Cup machine or if you are using a milk frother separately then it is also a good idea to get some milk system cleaner for this.






How to Clean an Espresso Machine...