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Have You Tried Our Cold Brew Yet?

After more than a year of perfecting our cold brew coffee we have successfully launched it at the Godalming Food Festival. It was great to share the tasting experiences with customers. However, many people thought that cold brew is just like an iced coffee. 


So what is Cold Brew then?

Cold brew coffee is a result of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for 12-18 hours and then filtered to remove the grounds. Cold brew coffee is sweeter and has lower acidity. The ground coffee never comes into contact with heated water and thus extracting different flavours from the coffee. 

Our Vision

It was simply to produce a new way to enjoy a great tasting coffee for those times when you don't want to have a something hot, whether that be because you don't have access to hot water, it just too hot outside right through to hitting that post lunch slump but the thought of something hot and bitter not doing it for you

From very early on we knew we wanted to produce something that could sit the fridge, next to your milk and could be taken out used to make something great to drink and then put back ready for next time

Our Approach

As the beans arrive at the Roastery all green and naked we've been able to control the complete process in their journey from naked, green bean to awesome tasting cold brew - which is quite a responsibly! 

For our cold brew coffee we are using freshly roasted beans (roasted one day before grinding and brewing) and we let the coffee grounds infuse the water for up to 18  hours. The brew is then triple-filtered with fine paper filters and chilled. 


Ways to drink Cold Brew Coffee? 


Yes it really is this simple to be able to enjoy!