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The Tea Makers of London - No. 200 Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs - Chinese Tea


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Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs - No.200 10 Bulb Caddy
10 award-winning Flowering Tea Bulbs made from the finest quality silver needle green tea. This blooming tea offers a unique visual and taste sensation.

These stunning artisan flowering teas are meticulously handmade in China by combining the highest-grade silver needle green tea with the wonderfully delicate dried flowers.

Each flowering green tea bundle consists of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers to produce a delicately aromatic, flavourful cup of tea.

Flowering tea, also known as blooming tea, is generally served in containers made of glass, or other transparent material so that the flowering effect can be seen. The bundles can usually be reused two or three times without the tea becoming bitter.

Brewing Guide: To indulge in the true magic of flowering tea, we recommend you steep your bulb in a glass teapot. You can view our range of classic glass teaware here.

Boil the water to only 90 degrees, and then pour into the teapot. Carefully drop the bulb in and wait until the flower opens, eventually in full bloom. After 2-3 minutes you can drink the tea!

Gift caddy contains 10 hand-tied individually wrapped flowering teas.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Tea Bulbs
Aroma: Fresh and floral
Flavour: Aromatic and sweet
Colour: Light golden orange

Brewing Guidance
Leaf Measure: 1 bulb
Amount of Water: 400ml, use filtered water to enhance the flavour
Water Temperature: 90°C
Steeping Time: 3 minutes. Suitable for one re-steeping.

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Use With

Bodum Assam Tea Pot

 Bodum Pavina 0.25L Glasses