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We have teamed up with the award winning Pop-up Foundation to support a major sustainable education programme called Naturally Smart.
Naturally Smart encourages and supports school communities around the world to develop sustainable, ecological mind-sets and to develop their own Naturally Smart Places. The toolkit includes physical and digital resources, training and development programmes, gatherings, consultancy and support.

About the Coffee

When you buy Naturally Smart Coffee you are directly helping this work to continue, both in your school and around the world. For every kilogram of coffee that is purchased here, a portion of that money goes to Naturally Smart, and Naturally Smart will pass on half the money directly to the school the Parent is supporting. 









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By taking part in the Naturally Smart Coffee your school has free access to the Naturally Smart programme, and can use funds from the sale of the coffee to support its work on sustainable education with your children. 


It’s smart, it’s Naturally Smart!


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