Happy Coffee Bean

   Happy Coffee Bean is the Seeds for Development coffee project.

Grown in Uganda → Roasted in Guildford

The goal is to connect coffee farmers and drinkers in an ethical chain of production, consumption and thinking. Visit their Website Here

We work closely with Alison, the founder of Seeds for Development, who in 2007 set up the charity which aims to help Ugandan farmers grow coffee, in turn helping them build their community. Alison found us in 2013 during her search for a roaster that could help with her Ugandan Bukonzo coffee, in order to raise funds for the project.

Grown in Western Uganda this coffee is sweet and fruity with hints of raspberries. It has a medium body and clear, bright acidity – a pleasurable coffee to drink, whilst feeling good about giving back to the farmers who grew it! So far the project has built a School and a toilet block. The School teaches 320 children and employs 6 teachers. There is also a full-time cook who ensures the children have lunch every day. To add to this the children now also have new uniforms. The Redber team are so proud to be a part of this wonderful project!



Far Left Image: Alison, the founder of Seeds for Development, in the centre pictured with James, Susan, Devon & Simon. Devon and Simon are coffee farmers growing the robusta coffee from the seed! Far Right Image: This is Gladys holding the finished coffee product, the West Nile Arabica Coffee.

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