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Sage Knock Box Mini & The Temp Control Milk Jug

by Sage

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Level up your coffee making with this great Sage Knock Box Mini & The Temp Control Milk Jug bundle pack.

The ultra-durable Sage knock Box Mini is as elegant as it is handy, and is the perfect coffee making accessory for any budding barista. 

This knock box sits alongside your expresso maker. Once you've crafted your morning expresso, simply tap your filter on the box to release the 'puck' of damp grounds. You can then empty the grounds out onto the garden or into your compost food bin. Waste not, want not. 

Not forgetting the stylish Temp Control Milk Jug from Sage, this is the ultimate barista accessory to accompany your home coffee machine.

Featuring a temperature indicator strip on the side, this intelligent coffee milk jug will help you to accurate measure heat and ensure your milk with micro-foam is at the perfect temperature (55c - 75c) before you pour. The panel displays both celsius and Fahrenheit.