Staff Room Coffee

Bring that coffee shop experience right to your staff room. For teachers and school staff, work can be an exhausting place. Sometimes a coffee break is more than needed, and what better way to enjoy this than with the highest quality fresh roasted coffee to get you through the day? Perfect for the staff room and for the school canteen. What’s even better is that every time you take a sip you know that you are contributing to the very school that you work at, as a portion of the money used to buy the coffee will be going straight back to your school. Not only that, but you are also contributing to Naturally Smart’s sustainability programmes all over the world. The Naturally Smart Coffee in your staff room is supporting and funding the educational resources for your students, and your school is free to decide what you think is best to spend the money on. This can be on school trips, funding for more staff, equipment, resources, ICT equipment, tutoring etc. the choice is yours.

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We also have a wide range of coffee machines to suit the needs of staff rooms of any size.
Whether you are after Bean to Cup machines or Filter machines we can cater for all of your needs.


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