Choose Your Coffee

At Redber Coffee you can enjoy a huge range of phenomenal, fresh coffee, chosen by you, from all across the world, without having to step outside the door. Redber can bring the flavours of the Guatemalan rainforests, or the highlands of Ethiopia directly to you and your customers. Always fresh, hassle free, and roasted just for you.


By choosing Redber you will:

Experience over 40 different freshly roasted coffees from around the world
Have these coffees fresh roasted to order
Receive, if you wish, coffee within 24 hours of your order
Enjoy great, fast and bespoke customer service for your business
Get hand roasted and packed coffee


Please free to come round or call to discuss your requirements. With Redber you will experience a friendly welcome. We have many business customers across a broad spectrum and from small to large enterprises. 
At Redber we strive to give your staff, customers and clients the opportunity to enjoy great fresh roasted coffees from around the world in the work place. Better than the high street and far cheaper. Keep your staff motivated and awake with various interesting fresh coffees. Treat your customers and impress your clients with a great cup of coffee. 



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