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Bravilor Paper Filter Cups, 3 Pint, 250 pcs for Mondo, Matic, Novo, TH, Iso Filter Coffee Machines

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£4.50 - £26.90
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Set of 1 x 250 genuine Bravilor Bonomat filters for Bravilor Mondo/Matic/Novo/TH/Iso. For an optimum coffee distribution and a delicious aroma. Because of their shape and volume the perfect solution for ground coffee. 

These fit most 3 pint filter machines.

Suitable for:

  • Bravilor Novo, Iso, Mondo, Matic, TH;
  • Burco CF593, CF594, CFFMFST;
  • Buffalo F454, G108, J510, T418, CF593, DN487, DK946, DN487, DK946
  • Marco Bru F60M, Bru F45M, F45A, F60A